We are experts in taking Startups from Napkin to Beta and Beyond.


We are your strategic partner throughout your Startup journey. From concept to launch to growth, we guide your startup from one ambitious milestone to the next with targeted precision. So while your idea may have started as a few scribbles on a cocktail napkin, with NapkinBetaBeyond, it will grow into a tangible platform - one that can stand on its own two feet. One that can reach the Beyond.  


Services for Startups

WrenchOur experience with scalable applications, enterprise architecture, and innovative technologies makes us the ideal candidate for everything from large-scale custom solutions to Bootstrap Startups needing a Strategic Partner for the long haul. 


For Startups we offer:

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Support
  • Financials
  • Funding
  • Legal
  • Virtual C-Suite
  • V-CTO
  • V-CMO



Our Approach

PeopleNapkinBetaBeyond has a unique agile development process that ensures customer expectations are aligned with development progress. This means consistent communication is a must throughout the journey. We'll establish and maintain a two-way dialogue with your team in order to remain synchronized from Day 1. (Surprises can be fun, but we like to keep them to a minimum.) We place a great deal of emphasis on transparency and consistent communication is a key component of providing you with a transparent understanding of the development process. 




HeartOur commitment to our partners and clients isn’t complete without knowing you won't just be handed the keys and left to your own devices after delivery. We call this [1:1Support].

For every [1 Month] of project time spent, you receive [1 Week] of full product support post-delivery.

[Design, development, strategy... maybe you just want a warm hug*?]

*(Week-long hugs are for illustrative purposes only and are not binding.)




Over the years, our client list has grown to include: non-profit organizations, federal contractors, public universities, Silicon Valley startups, and international brand corporations for whom we were able to secure over $8 million in VC funding.


For more stories on how we've helped startups at various stages of growth, check out our clients page.







Partnering with startups that are inspired to go from Napkin ➤ βeta ➤ Beyond is what we do. It’s our passion, our motivator, and our Beyond.


Let’s go  Beyond together.



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