As the ballot boxes are cracked open and the votes are tallied, some campaign offices will close out the night with confetti and champagne, while others will hang their head in defeat. Today, the U.S. midterm elections are being held with over 600 seats and offices up for grabs. From Alaska to Florida and Maine to California, Americans are heading to the polling stations in droves to decide on the nation's next round of leaders.


This year saw the launch of Ujoin, a first-of-its-kind political app that gives individuals and organizations the same tools used by the political pros to track legislation, monitor political funding, and campaign for change. So whether or not your candidate comes out a winner, you have the tools you need to empower your decision-making process and affect legislature like never before.


About Ujoin

Ujoin is made by advocates for advocates. With Ujoin, you can set up an advocacy page where people can learn about your cause, sign petitions, express opinions to their legislators, and much more - all in less than 10 minutes. The intuitive online advocacy platform includes an email management tool that makes building your online community easier than ever.





Ujoin offers two plans: one for citizens and one for advocacy groups. Both plans provide users with means that were once only available to large organization with big budgets. Now, individuals and grassroots organizations have access to the tools they need to start impacting legislation today.


Citizens, Free

Ujoin-Campaign-TrackingWith Ujoin, citizens can:

  • Create instant petitions to campaign for change
  • Import live bill data from the state and federal level; show your supporters bill timelines, actions, sponsors, and more
  • Track the success of your campaign
  • Create an online community


Advocacy Groups, $12/month

Ujoin-email-outreachWith Ujoin, advocacy groups can:

  • Send messages to targeted legislators and decision-makers from easy-to-access landing pages
  • Email your member base while tracking engagement
  • Embed widgets on other websites to increase the reach of your campaign
  • Create short video messages to send to legislators and decision-makers


The Future of Advocacy

Ujoin is leveraging technologies and data in order to shape the future of advocacy for the better. More effective campaigning and more informed decision-making is available to all Americans and is no longer reserved for groups with deep pockets. No matter which candidates win in today’s midterm elections, you now have a tool that gives you a voice in Ujoin.




Get informed. Get empowered. Get Ujoin and get started impacting legislature today.



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