We've looked at the top coworking spaces in Dallas and Montreal. Now it's back to the Lone Star State, where we review the top five coworking spaces in Austin, Texas.


In recent years, coworking spaces have become extremely popular. Due to the sagging economy and lack of secure jobs, many people have turned their backs on traditional employment and instead, have been forging an entrepreneurial path -- Austinites included. As such, several coworking spaces have opened up across the city and are home to a number of growing startups and small businesses.


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Here are our picks for the top five coworking spaces in Austin, in no particular order.


1. Posh Coworking


Austin’s only coworking community for women, Posh Coworking is a great place to get creative as it is welcoming, bright, and has a casual yet productive atmosphere. There are many different seating options available to members: Posh coworkers can work privately by the window, or can join a table and work alongside  fellow coworkers. There are four private meeting rooms available to use as well as a shared kitchen, bathroom and conference room. The Posh lounge area is a great place to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals.


Memberships start at $125 per month, which provides members with access to the lounge area during regular business hours. Posh Coworking's most expensive membership is priced at $400 per month. With this level membership, users have access to the space after normal business hours, receive 10 hours per week of private office time, and have access to the space's interns.


2. Link Coworking

Link Coworking offers its members a wide open space where they can collaborate, create, and innovate. The clean, modern design is welcoming and users receive a number of perks that one wouldn't normally expect to have access to from the average coworking space. These include free premium coffee, conference rooms stocked with large HDTVs, and access to an outdoor courtyard, where members can get work done while enjoying a green space, or just unwind for a few minutes and get some fresh air and sunshine.


Link's basic membership costs $300 per month. For that price, users have full access to the space during regular business hours and are listed on Link's website as a member. Link's top-of-the-line, executive membership costs $500 per month. Executive members are entitled to 12 hours in private meeting rooms per month, as well as a half day of conference room access each month.


3. Vuka Austin

Vuka Austin's eclectic design is a reflection of its members. Home to artists, designers, entrepreneurs, coders, and more, Vuka Austin is an open-concept space where professionals from all walks of life and in all fields of work can come together and to produce, play, network, and be inspired. The word "vuka" means "wake up" in Zulu, one of the official languages of South Africa. So stop by Vuka Austin and start making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.


Day passes are available for $20 a day, while monthly memberships start at $200 per month. At this price-point, members receive two hours per month of conference room time and four guest passes per month as well. Dedicated desks cost $400 per month.


4. Capital Factory


Capital Factory is a very flexible and fun coworking space that, at the same time, manages to have a very industrious feel to it. Coworkers at Capital Factory are notorious for being interactive and for consistently sharing ideas among one another. The staff is very helpful and friendly and frequently arranges for guest speakers to visit Capital Factory and share their recipes for entrepreneurial success. Demonstrations and  workshops are also held on a regular basis at Capital Factory. There is a vibrant energy to the space which makes it a great location to connect with new people.


Capital Factory's membership is always at or near 100% capacity so applications for membership are accepted on a rolling basis. Memberships range in price from $200 per month to $600 per month.


5. Orange Coworking

Located in south Austin, Orange Coworking caters to the needs of most entrepreneurs, telecommuters, and freelancers. The space is beautifully designed as well as functional and convenient. There are seven meeting rooms available and they range in size and purpose; from a large conference room that can host events to a small craft room where artists can create, there are meeting rooms to meet just about any entrepreneur's needs. Additionally, there is plenty of parking available and the gigbit fiber Wifi is lightning fast.


Orange Coworking offers memberships that range from $27 per month for a community membership for people just starting out, to $597 for a private, secure, dedicated desk; with a range of options in between.



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