Get more from your maps with the SaraGEO iOS app.


For too long, mobile application maps have been static, non-interactive, and non-customizable. SaraGEO is transforming the way we use maps on our mobile devices with its free iOS app, which allows users to connect with our mapped surroundings like never before. Get ready to learn, create, share, and interact with the world in your hands with SaraGEO.


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Geospatial Information Systems

A geospatial information system (GIS) is a system used to capture, store, visualize, and manage spatial and geographical data. GIS is used in a number of industries and organizations, from shipping companies to conservation agencies, as a decision-making tool: What's the best shipping route given to weather? How will building a road here affect conservation efforts?


GIS isn't new; GIS tools have been around for decades. What is new, is using GIS as a social decision-making tool. With SaraGEO, we can put all of the maps we use in our daily lives (in-car GPS maps, trail maps) into one place -- a map to help annotate and discover the world around us to answer life's seemingly simple questions:

  • Where should we go to brunch?
  • How do I get from point A to point B?
  • What was the name of that one place?
  • Where is the restroom?
  • Where are you right now?


With its iOS app, SaraGEO brings the power of geospatial decision-making straight to your pocket.




Custom Mapping

Create your own custom map with the SaraGEO iOS app by annotating locations, uploading photos, and sharing it with friends. Mountain bikers, for instance, can create maps of their favorite trails. Simply upload a photo of a point of interest -- the starting point, the 5-mile mark, a place with a great view to take a break -- and pin it to your map. Tracking and sharing your adventures - whether mountain biking the Noble Canyon in San Diego or doing a happy hour tour of the Lower East Side of Manhattan - is made easy with SaraGEO.




Social Mapping

Social mapping lies at the heart of SaraGEO. With the SaraGeo iOS app, GIS data can be used to connect and interact with friends. Coordinating meetups is simplified thanks to the ability to collaborate on maps together. No more struggling to find a suitable location to grab coffee with friends. With SaraGEO, multiple users can cooperate using the same map, in order to plan get-togethers more efficiently.


Beyond that, SaraGEO allows you to make social decisions based on GIS data gathered by those in your network. By sharing your custom maps with your network, your friends and followers will be better suited to decide, "Where's a good place to eat in west San Francisco?"




Partnering with NapkinBetaBeyond

SaraGEO partnered with NapkinBetaBeyond to design and develop the iOS app. By putting into action our two-week development sprints model, we were able to deliver on software development goals and provide usable results in rapid time to the SaraGEO team.



Ready to start creating your own maps? Then download the free SaraGEO app for Apple devices today and start plotting your adventures.



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