By empowering foodservice businesses to make better financial decisions, Kitchen Friend is the hospitality industry’s newest BFF.


In the highly competitive foodservice industry, a lack of control over kitchen finances can bring any business closer to ruin. An inability to identify profitable dishes, difficulties pinpointing reducible food costs, and failure to provide value-add menu items result in unhappy customers and a paltry bottom line.


But what if a small restaurant had access to kitchen finance management tools typically reserved for large hospitality businesses with deep pockets? What if a small restaurant or café were able to increase menu profitability, reduce food costs, fix menu weaknesses, and maintain food quality using a menu management tool designed specifically for the hospitality industry? The result would be a much more even playing field.


Kitchen Friend is a menu costing and profit analyser that was built with one goal in mind: to empower kitchens of all sizes to take control of their finances.


Kitchen-Friend-ProfitThe idea for Kitchen Friend first came to Daniel Vid in 2009. While working as an operations manager for a hospitality company, he could not find a suitable recipe calculator application. The thought of launching a menu costing and profit analyser crept into Daniel’s mind and soon, the idea was being formally explored and developed.


Kitchen-Friend-CostOriginally, Kitchen Friend’s genesis platform was scheduled to be an iOS application. However, given the nature of the foodservice industry, Daniel decided that Kitchen Friend had to be a desktop application first. At this point, it was apparent that a team of skilled developers needed to be put together in order to bring Kitchen Friend to life.


After hiring – and firing – some unqualified and unreliable developers, Daniel realized he needed a professional agency.


“I came across some stinkers as well as some great coders,” Daniel explained. “However, even the great ones were a pain to deal with as they would go AWOL for days or weeks and I would be sitting around waiting for updates.


“Then I began working with NapkinBetaBeyond. Their team manages all the developers and, should there be any issue, they take care of assigning a new developer and briefing them on my project. Removing that stress from my plate is invaluable.”


By leveraging the NapkinBetaBeyond team, Daniel gained access to a skilled group of professionals who provided intangibles that were lacking among previous developers that Daniel had contracted: agility and transparency. NapkinBetaBeyond’s CIS+ WorkflowSM, 1:1SupportSM, and Big TeamSM approach to collaborating with Daniel culminated in the official launch of Kitchen Friend, a beautifully designed kitchen finance management application. With signups increasing each week, the future looks bright for Daniel and Kitchen Friend.


Kitchen Friend empowers kitchens. NapkinBetaBeyond empowers entrepreneurs.  



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