One of our passions is helping startups grow. Not just grow, but thrive. We’re driven every day by the thought of supporting promising entrepreneurs in the uphill battle to make their dreams a reality. By providing cloud and mobile design and development expertise, in addition to strategic, legal, and marketing consultancy, we are the all-encompassing solution for anyone with a startup dream they want to get off the ground.


Partner with NapkinBetaBeyond today and go from NapkinβetaBeyond.



One night in 1967, Texan entrepreneur Rollin King was having dinner with his lawyer. It was during this get-together that, according to company lore, King jotted down the name of three Texan cities – Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston – and connected them to form a triangle. A regional airline offering nonstop flights between these destination, King surmised, would have a competitive advantage over major airlines that only offered indirect flights.


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Source: Lewis University


On that napkin, Southwest Airlines was born. Entrepreneurs and innovators have been scribbling ideas and concepts onto cocktail napkins for decades now during informal brainstorming sessions. No matter how your idea was first conceived – whether it was during a deliberate brainstorming meeting or over a pint at a local pub – NapkinBetaBeyond has the tools to take your Napkin idea to the next level.



Beta is one of our favorite words. Captured in those four letters are a startup team’s trials and tribulations up until that point as well as its hopes for the future. Reaching the Beta stage indicates that obstacles were overcome, initiatives were taken, and a plan was put into action. It also encapsulates ambition and potential for future growth. Dreams of disrupting an industry, solving problems for people around the world, and enjoying long-term success are part of the roadmap of Beta-stage ventures. The journey from Napkin ➤ βeta is a difficult one, but NapkinBetaBeyond loves being part of that momentous milestone.





What ‘Beyond’ represents to a startup may change from one founder to the next. It may mean to secure funding, to be acquired, or to be sold off. However, despite a variety in end-goals, what remains constant is that Beyond is what drives all entrepreneurs. To surpass expectations, to over-deliver value to clients, and to become an industry-leading brand is in the bull’s-eye –  the Napkin ➤ βeta ➤ Beyond℠   of founders across the globe.




Partnering with startups that are inspired to go from Napkin ➤ βeta ➤ Beyond is what we do. It’s our passion, and our motivator, and our Beyond.


Let’s go  Beyond together.



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