GetMyBoat enables the peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace and is changing the way the world goes boating. Launched in San Francisco in late 2012, GetMyBoat empowers owners of every type of boat, from kayaks to sailboats to motorboats, to post their watercraft for rent or charter for free. Anywhere in the world, from California to Croatia, our users search, find and book a boat they would like to rent.

GetMyBoat set out to bring boating to the masses. One of the challenges with a P2P community, is its not very valuable unless you have a community. NapkinBetaBeyond helped GetMyBoat enter the market by employing an array of strategies. Together these strategies helped GetMyBoat become the worlds largest boating community.

Early Stages
In the beginning, our first priority was to get the prototype built. We wanted to get the system in front of a set of users and begin gathering feedback. Since feedback was the major driving point for this application, we decided to build the application on MVC architecture allowing the product to scale as changes were requested. This level of flexibility planned from the beginning is what differentiated GetMyBoat from other competitors.

Design and Strategy
Once the product was in Alpha, we turned to our testers and industry experts to help identify possible bottlenecks in the products marketing success. Equipped with expert advise and a working prototype, GetMyBoat was able to identified their primary market. The final decision was to embrace a full design makeover with focus on simplicity and ease of use. It was this stage, when NapkinBetaBeyond decided to partner with FleetCreature Design Studio. Together, NapkinBetaBeyond and FleetCreature combined resources to help streamline core workflows. The goal was to minimize the number of clicks required to post a new listing. We also leveraged multiple third party API's to autofill common components such as registration, geolocation, and image uploads. After several hours of dedication and endurance, the team was able to reskin the core engine into a polished product ready for beta launch

Post Launch
GetMyBoat was able to gain tremendous ground during its first 3 months after Beta Launch. Their launch party boasted an amazing 5000 boats. It was this point, when GetMyBoat had so shift gears and start focusing on longevity. The following topics became critical

  • New feature development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Development and Publishing
  • Online marketing

NapkinBetaBeyond teamed with several industry experts in each of the topics to help maximize return on investment. This lead to GetMyBoat being considered the worlds largest boating community.

Building the worlds largest boating community was no easy chore. One of the unique things about this project was how valuable user feedback is. We were able to gather tons of analytical data to help target our key audience and provide a service that meets the needs of many.