CorkSharing is ready to put a cork in winter and pour into summer with some savory Sauvignon blancs, mouthwatering Merlots, and rich Rieslings. And it’s inviting you to do the same.


As the world’s first marketplace for wine enthusiasts to schedule and book wine tastings, winery tours, and wine events, CorkSharing is rapidly becoming a leader in the wine community and anticipates that its brand will continue to flourish over the next several months.


“We’re looking forward to the upcoming summer season,” says Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Bryan Petro. “We have more than doubled our growth since last year and expect to carry that momentum into summer 2015.”


wineglassWith the release of its mobile application for Android and iOS last December, CorkSharing has seen its number of participants skyrocket. Currently, wineries in 32 states and 19 countries are registered with CorkSharing, making the CorkSharing app the best friend of any wine tourist.


“Rarely do wine and innovative mobile technologies overlap,” explains Kiefer Waight, CorkSharing’s Chief Technology Officer and co-founder. “And that’s a problem. When we think of wine, we think of elegance, essence, and tradition, but we don’t typically think of technology and innovation. CorkSharing is shaking the industry up by pairing wine with accessible tech tools. And the response has been unanimous: Relevant cloud-based platforms and mobile apps are what the wine community wants.”


corksharing-iosFounded in 2013 out of Livermore, California, CorkSharing is the first community of its kind for wine enthusiasts. Wineries from around the globe are able to post tastings, tours, and special wine events using the CorkSharing platform, which was designed by NapkinBetaBeyond. Wine lovers can browse listings that meet their taste preference and budget, then reserve and pay online or through the mobile app.


The company has successfully cornered an under-serviced space in the wine market. A growing number of tourists are remaining online via smartphone or tablet throughout their trip. Additionally, with more and more travelers participating in wine tourism, CorkSharing has effectively positioned itself as a leading business in the market space where mobile tourism and wine tourism intersect.




"Mobile and wine tourism frequently overlap. That’s where CorkSharing comes in,” explains Petro. “With our easy-to-use app, this summer’s wave of wine tourists will be able to indulge in some some Chardonnays and Beaujolais, hassle-free.


“This summer should be about making memories. CorkSharing is here to help.”


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