Fantasy sports is big business. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, 32 million Americans take part in the pastime, spending $15 billion on playing. We sat down with Chris Tisler, Chief Operating Officer of White Tie Fantasy, to hear how they got their start in the industry. White Tie Fantasy partnered with NapkinBetaBeyond, to take its idea from go from Napkin ➤ βeta ➤Beyond℠.  Read More
  They’re collaborative, engaging, and immersive. They’re being held at businesses, on campuses, and at community spaces all over the country, with massive organizations like HP, Wikipedia, and Google hosting their own internal ones. Their staple dining fare includes pizza, energy drinks, and beer.   Hackathons, events in which computer programmers and other tech gurus gather in teams to design and develop a software product within a (typically) 24 to 48-hour time frame, are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the tech startup space, and they’re responsible for the genesis of some pretty neat products and ideas. Read More
How many times have you been told to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night?   Probably a lot. We hear it from our colleagues, from our doctors, from the news, and even from the Surgeon General, who went as far as calling good sleeping habits “a game changer.”   As it turns out, however, some of modern history’s greatest titans of industry, entrepreneurs, and big wigs might have something to say about those recommendations. In fact, many were insomniacs who were able to reach incredible heights in their careers thanks to their avoidance of the sandman. Read More
  Nowadays, just about anyone can become an entrepreneur thanks to the advent of affordable technology and online marketplaces. All one needs is a viable business idea and minimal resources like enough capital, a domain name and website, and some free time. However, since many markets are incredibly competitive with high barriers to entry, not all entrepreneurs manage to succeed early on, and ever fewer go on to achieve long-term prosperity. There are, however, a few personality traits that, if an entrepreneur possesses them, can make the likelihood of succeeding greater.   Here are four personality traits that define a successful entrepreneur. Read More
Car2go, the German car sharing services company is growing, with nine cities added to the car2go network this year, including four in the U.S. The program provides members with access to Smart cars spread out all across the city and is pay-by-the-minute with automatic discounts applied at the one-hour mark. Car2go hopes to be in 50 cities worldwide by the end of 2015.   Read More