CorkSharing is ready to put a cork in winter and pour into summer with some savory Sauvignon blancs, mouthwatering Merlots, and rich Rieslings. And it’s inviting you to do the same.   As the world’s first marketplace for wine enthusiasts to schedule and book wine tastings, winery tours, and wine events, CorkSharing is rapidly becoming a leader in the wine community and anticipates that its brand will continue to flourish over the next several months. Read More
For the majority of startups, gaining traction and getting noticed can be a challenge. And though it may be the mecca for burgeoning tech companies, San Francisco can be unforgiving to the thousands of bright-eyed entrepreneurs who are faced with the harsh realization that standing out in the cosmopolitan capital of startups can be nearly impossible. Many find themselves reaching for a life preserver before ever leaving the dock. Read More
  We are experts in taking Startups from Napkin to Beta and Beyond.   We are your strategic partner throughout your Startup journey. From concept to launch to growth, we guide your startup from one ambitious milestone to the next with targeted precision. So while your idea may have started as a few scribbles on a cocktail napkin, with NapkinBetaBeyond, it will grow into a tangible platform – one that can stand on its own two feet. One that can reach the Beyond.   Read More
  One of our passions is helping startups grow. Not just grow, but thrive. We’re driven every day by the thought of supporting promising entrepreneurs in the uphill battle to make their dreams a reality. By providing cloud and mobile design and development expertise, in addition to strategic, legal, and marketing consultancy, we are the all-encompassing solution for anyone with a startup dream they want to get off the ground.   Partner with NapkinBetaBeyond today and go from Napkin ➤ βeta ➤ Beyond℠. Read More
  As the ballot boxes are cracked open and the votes are tallied, some campaign offices will close out the night with confetti and champagne, while others will hang their head in defeat. Today, the U.S. midterm elections are being held with over 600 seats and offices up for grabs. From Alaska to Florida and Maine to California, Americans are heading to the polling stations in droves to decide on the nation’s next round of leaders.   This year saw the launch of Ujoin, a first-of-its-kind political app that gives individuals and organizations the same tools used by the political pros to track legislation, monitor political funding, and campaign for change. Read More