Forty-five percent of Americans would rather skip Christmas all together than go through the usual hassles that go along with the holiday season — jacked-up airfare, crowded shopping centers, and the now-perennial ugly Christmas sweater contests at work. And according to the American Psychological Association, 69 percent of Americans report feeling stressed during the holidays due to a “lack of time,” another 69 percent due to “lack of money,” and another 51 percent say they experience holiday stress caused by “the pressure to give or get gifts.” Read More
  Get more from your maps with the SaraGEO iOS app.   For too long, mobile application maps have been static, non-interactive, and non-customizable. SaraGEO is transforming the way we use maps on our mobile devices with its free iOS app, which allows users to connect with our mapped surroundings like never before. Get ready to learn, create, share, and interact with the world in your hands with SaraGEO. Read More
  Now that summer is officially here, many of us are ramping up our vacation planning, trying to figure out how to best spend the handful of days off we have to look forward to over the next few months.    If you’re an entrepreneur, startup founder, or are just wanting to learn more about launching your own venture, then consider these seven startup-geared events. A road trip that allows you to visit new cities, network with some industry bigwigs, and gain some entrepreneurial insight might make for the trip of a lifetime. Read More
  The selfie has had a bit of a rough go of 2015. A growing number of museums, attractions, and major venues around the world have begun instituting bans on the selfie stick, including Disneyland (Anaheim), the Museum of Modern Art (New York), Wembley Stadium (London), and the Guggeneheim Museum (New York), just to name a few. Add to that the recent fatwa against selfies issued by popular Indonesian Muslim cleric Felix Siauw, and it’s been a tough year for the selfie.   But, fear not, selfie enthusiasts. The selfie is still going strong and we’ve got the pictures to prove it. Here are the 10 biggest, most newsworthy selfies of 2015 (so far). Read More
    The Internet has the ability to bring individuals and communities together to share information and exchange ideas on a level never before possible. It has democratized communication by giving even the most oppressed individuals a voice and a means to express themselves.   It has also brought us a $55 thousand crowdfunded potato salad party, Rebecca Black, and a digital currency ode to Kanye West. Read More