A startup’s path to growth is marked with many major milestones. Founding, launching, securing venture capital or financing, and reaching profitability are all important pin points on a startup’s roadmap to success. Having worked with many startups, we’ve come to realize that perhaps the most highly anticipated milestone among entrepreneurs (and the one that entrepreneurs are most anxious to reach) is arriving at the first minimum viable product, or MVP.   For software startups that are eager to achieve their first MVP in a timely and effective fashion, working with developers who use development sprints is the best option. Here’s why. Read More
  Design and development sprints offer a number of advantages to both the customer and the design agency. One of those advantages regards securing funding, a challenge that most startups and entrepreneurs face. Development sprints make it easier for clients to secure funding in order to pursue the development of their cloud or mobile application.   Here’s how. Read More
  NapkinBetaBeyond builds custom software for all types of organizations – from ambitious startups to government agencies. Over the last few years and after having developed a number of such apps, we’ve built a complete set of skills and expertise the design and development of sharing economy software, a space that has skyrocketed as late. Read More
  NapkinBetaBeyond is a cloud and mobile development agency that specializes in getting startups market-ready in a short amount of time. In just a handful of days, we can provide any startup with a tangible cloud/mobile app output thanks to our two-week sprint model – an agile and iterative approach to design and development projects. As a result, the custom software we build for our clients is designed in a highly controlled environment. Read More
  A night of dinner and drinks with some college buddies has wrapped up and you’re excited about what you’ve got in your hands. It’s a napkin, and on it, you’ve jotted down an idea. Not just any idea – an idea that can change your future and disrupt an industry. It might be a new crowdsourcing tool, a sharing economy platform, or a peer-to-peer network. Whatever it is, you believe in its potential. You want to begin developing your idea as soon as possible and as smoothly as possible. New cloud-based platforms and mobile apps are being released every day so getting your idea market-ready in as little time as possible is crucial.   That’s where NapkinBetaBeyond comes in. We specialize at taking startups from Napkin ➤ βeta ➤ Beyond℠ with our innovative two-week sprint model.  Read More