Cloud and mobile design and development firm NapkinBetaBeyond is in attendance at this year’s edition of TechCrunch’s Disrupt San Francisco. Disrupt SF, an annual, mega-event which features speaker series, workshops, meet & greets, and the ever popular Startup Battlefield where the world’s top early-stage startups come together to compete for the coveted Disrupt Cup, a $50,000 prize, and the eyes and ears of media and investors, runs from September 21 to 23 this year. Read More
  Travelers looking for unique accommodations can now get a sound night of sleep while satisfying their need for new adventures thanks to Sleep Aboard, a boat-and-breakfast rental platform. Launched last month by GetMyBoat, the world’s largest boat rental and charter marketplace, Sleep Aboard enables peer-to-peer boat accommodation rentals between boat owners and vacationers. Read More
  Forget what Kanye says: There’s no shame in being a gold-digger!   Not when you’re playing Way To Gold, that is. In the addictive mobile game, you’ll guide Prospector Joe through a series of puzzles and matching challenges as he moseys along on his journey through the Way To Gold world map. His quest? To go for the gold. Read More
CorkSharing is ready to put a cork in winter and pour into summer with some savory Sauvignon blancs, mouthwatering Merlots, and rich Rieslings. And it’s inviting you to do the same.   As the world’s first marketplace for wine enthusiasts to schedule and book wine tastings, winery tours, and wine events, CorkSharing is rapidly becoming a leader in the wine community and anticipates that its brand will continue to flourish over the next several months. Read More
For the majority of startups, gaining traction and getting noticed can be a challenge. And though it may be the mecca for burgeoning tech companies, San Francisco can be unforgiving to the thousands of bright-eyed entrepreneurs who are faced with the harsh realization that standing out in the cosmopolitan capital of startups can be nearly impossible. Many find themselves reaching for a life preserver before ever leaving the dock. Read More