Whether you’re launching a monthly newsletter, informing customers about a new promotion, or just sending out cold emails, continuous tracking of your emails’ open rates provides you with valuable insight into whether your efforts are paying off. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours designing the perfect email template – one that’s catchy, informative, and mobile responsive – just to have it be sent to your recipients’ trash folders before ever being viewed. That’s why we’ve put together these three tips to help you boost your emails’ open rates, giving you more traction with clients. Read More
  They’re collaborative, engaging, and immersive. They’re being held at businesses, on campuses, and at community spaces all over the country, with massive organizations like HP, Wikipedia, and Google hosting their own internal ones. Their staple dining fare includes pizza, energy drinks, and beer.   Hackathons, events in which computer programmers and other tech gurus gather in teams to design and develop a software product within a (typically) 24 to 48-hour time frame, are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the tech startup space, and they’re responsible for the genesis of some pretty neat products and ideas. Read More
  Microsoft has been making headlines over the last several days for offering up free downloads of Windows 10 to current Windows 7 or 8 users. However, users that are still stuck on Vista or XP aren’t so lucky – they’ll have to shell out the nearly $200 to get their very own copy of the latest and (supposedly) greatest Windows.   For Vista and XP users who want to change things up, and even Windows 7 and 8 users who are just sick of the Windows experience for whatever reason, you have options. Here are four free alternatives to the Microsoft Windows operating system. Read More
  Forget what Kanye says: There’s no shame in being a gold-digger!   Not when you’re playing Way To Gold, that is. In the addictive mobile game, you’ll guide Prospector Joe through a series of puzzles and matching challenges as he moseys along on his journey through the Way To Gold world map. His quest? To go for the gold. Read More
  Jack Dorsey does it. So do Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Brian Chesky, and Larry Ellison. And when they’re done toweling off the sweat from their brow, they all attribute part of their success to it.   What is it that each of these mega-entrepreneurs do? They each incorporate regular exercise into their busy schedules, despite being overloaded with client meetings, company presentations, and earnings calls on a near-daily basis.   Every entrepreneur, whether the founder of a billion-dollar tech company, or the head of a small tutoring service, should carve out time in their calendar for exercise at least every other day. Here’s why. Read More