A startup’s path to growth is marked with many major milestones. Founding, launching, securing venture capital or financing, and reaching profitability are all important pin points on a startup’s roadmap to success. Having worked with many startups, we’ve come to realize that perhaps the most highly anticipated milestone among entrepreneurs (and the one that entrepreneurs are most anxious to reach) is arriving at the first minimum viable product, or MVP.   For software startups that are eager to achieve their first MVP in a timely and effective fashion, working with developers who use development sprints is the best option. Here’s why. Read More
  A failed pitch to the scrupulous panel of investors on ABC’s “Shark Tank” is not necessarily a death blow to an entrepreneur’s dreams. In fact, that very public rejection, which is viewed by the nearly 7 million Americans viewers who tune in to the entrepreneurial reality hit show each Friday, may serve as the catalyst to bigger and better things. Just ask Jamie Siminoff who appeared on “Shark Tank in 2013, looking to raise capital for his smart doorbell company, DoorBot. Read More
  There’s no denying that Uber, the transportation network company, which is available in 300 cities worldwide and is currently valued at an estimated $50 billion, has reshaped the startup world significantly since its launch just six years ago. In many ways, it’s been for the better: Uber gave a much needed kick in the butt to an outdated transportation model – the taxi space – by bringing it into the 21st century with its effective use of mobile devices. Instead of hailing a cab or calling up the taxi company, Uber users can submit a ride request through the Uber app. And forget fumbling for change: Users pay their fare via the app’s secure payment system. Read More
  Finding the right pricing strategy for your software as a service (SaaS) product is no easy task. Price it too high and you risk pricing your software out of the market. Price it too low and you’re forced to make a (perhaps unattainably) high number of sales in order to break even. Include too many features in your basic or free package and you risk not selling enough of the premium packages. Read More
Forget the 90-hour workweeks, the Manhattan skyscrapers, and the Double Windsor knots: Studies show that a growing number of Harvard MBA graduates are opting for the favorable work-life balance and laid back dress codes that Silicon Valley has to offer. And it’s all part of the ongoing talent war between Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Read More