With the millennial generation increasing in age, the time has come for B2C companies to begin rethinking their marketing strategies to target this new generation’s wants and needs -- and their growing wallets. The millennial cohort isn't just another generation. According to the Huffington Post, the millennial population is 7% larger than the baby boomer population, and millennialmarketing.com reports that 25% of the United States population is made up of millennials. The key characteristic of millennials’ buying behavior is that they’re informed more than ever. Millennials don’t have to buy a product to experiment with it. They’ve seen the reviews, viewed the product unboxing videos on YouTube, tested out their friends' products, and have already figured out exactly how it will improve their own lives.   So what are B2C marketers to do?   Plenty. Here are five tips to get started.   Read More
  Silicon Valley is often regarded as a place where ideas can flow freely, innovation is embraced, and all are welcomed as long as they have the chops to make it in the fast-paced tech world. Despite being put on a pedestal in this regard, Silicon Valley has its faults, according to some critics. Many have lobbed accusations of race and gender bias, arguing that a black woman in Silicon Valley is more likely to be passed over for a promotion or raise than her white male counterpart.   While those who accuse Silicon Valley of such discriminatory practices tend to agree that they are somewhat subtle -- e.g. job postings will never say "Women need not apply" -- another ism has been looming over Silicon Valley for years has been anything but subtle. Ageism is much more overt in the tech space and is even encouraged. Read More
  We all know Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sheryl Sandberg can code. After all, these big names are considered A-listers thanks to their accomplishments in the technology space. But tech superstars aren't the only celebrities who can code. Coding is a passion that is being embraced by people all over the world, including a number of celebs in fields that you normally wouldn't wouldn't associate with web and app development. From athletes to actors to models, here are five surprising celebrities that love to code. Read More
  When startups are looking for capital, there are a number avenues they can go down to acquire the cash they need to grow their business. Some startup founders opt to lease equipment, others approach the bank for a loan, while others turn to family and friends for funding. Many startup founders, however, are willing to give up shares in their venture in exchange for the much coveted cash they're after. There are two principal investor types that are heavily involved in the startup scene: angel investors and venture capitalists.  Read More
  We've looked at the top coworking spaces in Dallas and Montreal. Now it's back to the Lone Star State, where we review the top five coworking spaces in Austin, Texas.   In recent years, coworking spaces have become extremely popular. Due to the sagging economy and lack of secure jobs, many people have turned their backs on traditional employment and instead, have been forging an entrepreneurial path -- Austinites included. As such, several coworking spaces have opened up across the city and are home to a number of growing startups and small businesses.       Here are our picks for the top five coworking spaces in Austin, in no particular order. Read More