“The Internet is an extremely important new technology,” wrote renowned business strategist and Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter in 2001. “Dot-coms, first and foremost, must pursue their own distinctive strategies… They will have to break away from competing solely on price and instead focus on product selection, product design, service, image, and other areas in which they can differentiate themselves.”   It appears that 14 years later, online businesses have heeded Porter’s advice by offering unique products and services as a way to successfully differentiate themselves from their brick-and-mortar competitors. Who would have thought that some of those unique offerings would include potatoes and glitter? Read More
  Forty-five percent of Americans would rather skip Christmas all together than go through the usual hassles that go along with the holiday season -- jacked-up airfare, crowded shopping centers, and the now-perennial ugly Christmas sweater contests at work. And according to the American Psychological Association, 69 percent of Americans report feeling stressed during the holidays due to a "lack of time," another 69 percent due to "lack of money," and another 51 percent say they experience holiday stress caused by "the pressure to give or get gifts." Read More
  As mobile, digital, and other forms of cutting edge technologies are becoming increasingly available to the average person, startups have found creative ways to leverage emerging technologies in order to make our day-to-day lives easier. California-based startup Ring, for instance, which recently secured a $28 million investment from Richard Branson, launched a smart doorbell, making it possible to "answer" the door remotely.    In addition to smart doorbells and the like, many startups and app developers are also finding ingenious ways to not just make our lives easier, but to make the world a better place. They've set out to tackle serious issues like world hunger, global pollution, and regenerative medicine. Read More
  Don't wait 'til December to kickstart your business's Christmas and holiday card campaign. For clients and partners to receive their season's greetings on time, you need to start planning the logistics in November. The process of designing, printing, filling, addressing, mailing, and delivering adds up, stretching your cards' ETA by weeks so get started early.   Don't know where to begin? Here are five tools and resources that will help you get your business's Christmas and holiday direct mail campaign moving in the right direction. Read More
  Tinder has changed the app industry forever. With a few simple swipes, the app that launched in September 2012 and now has over 30 million accounts, makes chatting with matches a breeze. Who knew finding a date could become so efficient?   And with Tinder parent company Match debuting its IPO on the NASDAQ today, raising an estimated half a billion dollars, thanks in large part to the success of Tinder, it’s no surprise that many app builders are swiping right to the Tinder model by incorporating the swipe feature into their own mobile applications.   Here are the top five Tinder-inspired apps of 2015. Read More