The past 12 months proved to be a tumultuous time around the world as death, disaster, and destruction made the front page on many days. Scattered about the dreary headlines, however, were stories of triumph, resilience, and development confirming that humanity is defined by its highs just as much as it is its lows.    Here is our 2014 Year in Review, seen through the camera lens of some of the most daring photographers around the globe. Read More
  What a whirlwind couple of weeks it’s been for Sony Pictures. The entertainment giant has had an apparent change of heart, deciding to release the controversial film, The Interview, on Christmas Eve, despite its announcement on December 17 that the company would be cancelling the movie’s release all together.   What a change of heart it was. Read More
  Scrambling to find the perfect present for the geek on your list? Here are some gift ideas that are sure to please the difficult-to-shop-for nerd, gamer, or tech lover in your life. Read More
  BlackBerry is returning to its roots; to what’s in its genes.   At a special event co-hosted in New York, Singapore, and Frankfurt yesterday, the company unveiled its newest smartphone, the Classic, revealing a vintage hardware look reminiscent of the BlackBerry Bold of nearly five years ago. The device features a physical keyboard and an optical trackpad. Read More
  It appears that a group of anonymous hackers have won the war against Sony Pictures and its latest comedy flick The Interview.   Yesterday, as a follow-up to the recent hacking of multiple Sony executives’ email accounts, an anonymous hacker posted a vague threat of violence against any and all theaters that choose to show the film, urging moviegoers to “remember the 11th of September 2001.”   Read More