You may have noticed in your daily browsing that some Twitter pages have been looking different lately. And, if you’re in the know about social media, then you’re probably aware that the new layout is part of a massive Twitter revamp that’s currently being rolled out. Michelle Obama’s Twitter account (@FLOTUS) has made the change, opting for the new, content-driven layout, while all new Twitter accounts are starting off with the modernized blueprint. And in the coming weeks, the new design will be made available to all users, with a changeover possibly being made mandatory in the next few months.   What’s driving this change? And what effect will it have on usership? NapkinBetaBeyond takes a look at the reasons behind the revamp and how it stacks up to Facebook. Read More
  Promoting your product, service, or organization on Facebook can have a positive return on investment (ROI) if done right. But far too often, irrelevant targeting, poor ad quality, and bad timing can result in wasted marketing dollars. Priceline CEO Darren Huston recently stated that Facebook is useless to his company as an ad platform. And in 2012, General Motors pulled its $10 million advertising budget with the social media site, saying its ads were having little impact on consumers. Read More
  Since its 2008 launch, NapkinBetaBeyond’s name has become increasingly synonymous in the Dallas area with superior mobile development services. Our customer-centric approach to building beautiful, intuitive mobile applications – an approach where collaboration, communication, and agility are emphasized – is the driving force behind our mobile application development services and is key to our growth. With each client that sees its mobile app launched successfully with the help of NapkinBetaBeyond, our portfolio grows, along with our expertise, our passion, and our ambition. Read More
‹ › Can a platform function as a grassroots political organization? Partnering with, NapkinBetaBeyond has created a political campaign tool that allows organizations to recruit followers, provide instant updates on status and progress of a campaign, and host actions that support the cause. NapkinBetaBeyond & Ujoin.pdf × Download Content Please enter you name and email address to download Please leave this field empty.2+2? Close Read More
Since it was first introduced in 2007, Google Street View has given users unprecedented visual access to corners of the world that many of us will never actually set foot in. We can virtually tour the picturesque shores of Cape Cod, pass by the imposing façade of Westminster Abbey, and swing by Wat Arun Temple in Bangkok. But Street View doesn’t just give us a look at tourist hotspots around the globe. It also shows us the dingy alleys, the crumbling buildings, and the vacated lots that are the telltale signs of urban decay.   Major cities around the United States are experiencing significant urban decay. Perhaps the most well known case of a U.S. city falling into despair is that of Detroit. An onslaught of competition from overseas automakers has led to a rise in unemployment and crime, and a sharp decline in population in Detroit. But the sad sight of decrepit neighborhoods isn’t solely reserved for the Motor City. Take a look below at some of the other urban areas that are rotting away. Read More