“I came across some stinkers," says Kitchen Founder CEO Daniel Vid. "Then I began working with NapkinBetaBeyond. Their team manages all the developers and, should there be any issue, they take care of assigning a new developer and briefing them on my project. Removing that stress from my plate is invaluable.” Read More
The best ideas are born out of specific pain points, in the case of MentionTribe, a couple of small business owners feeling the same pain [an interaction void in traditional social media] enlisted NapkinBetaBeyond to help bridge the gap. Read More
Building the worlds largest boating community was no easy chore. One of the unique things about this project was how valuable user feedback is. We were able to gather tons of analytical data to help target our key audience and provide a service that meets the needs of many. Read More
Linking thousands of airports, providers, planes, and routes required an inherently high volume of data and CPU intensive calculations. To ensure system performance, integrity, and speed complex solutions were developed for ZigAir.
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Taking on the most popular feature of the most popular social networks is no small task. Having the vision to also apply this technology to the business world made the challenge that much more intriguing - and a natural fit for NapkinBetaBeyond. Read More