NapkinBetaBeyond is a cloud and mobile development agency that specializes in getting startups market-ready in a short amount of time. In just a handful of days, we can provide any startup with a tangible cloud/mobile app output thanks to our two-week sprint model – an agile and iterative approach to design and development projects. As a result, the custom software we build for our clients is designed in a highly controlled environment.




Two-Week Sprints

In the design and development world, a sprint is a highly focused, short-term development phase. Prior to the launch of a sprint, goals are determined based on client needs. At the conclusion of the sprint -- NapkinBetaBeyond uses two-week sprints -- goals are achieved and the client has a tangible and functional result (for example, a login/register engine in place).


The two-week sprints approach differs from the traditional development process for cloud/mobile apps in which a customer signs a contract with a development agency to have the complete app developed in X number of months. With the sprints approach, the cloud/mobile app is developed in several sprints as opposed to over a single, lengthy timeline. As a result, clients receive a usable product at the completion of each sprint, and are able to test it out and provide feedback to our development team before launching into the next sprint.


Ceiling Price

Sprints must be done in a highly controlled environment. A key aspect to creating a controlled environment is pricing.  It is our belief that a startup can reach a minimum viable product (MVP) on a budget of $50,000 or less, which is why we've implemented a ceiling price for the total cost of all sprints of $50,000.


Having a ceiling price offers a number of benefits to our clients: 

  • Reduced risk: Pricing risk is almost entirely transferred to the vendor. As a result, clients are not burdened by inflation or fluctuations in market prices.
  • Static quality: When a client locks a ceiling price in with NapkinBetaBeyond, they are also locking in an exceptionally high level of service. As a result, quality of service remains consistent from one sprint to the next regardless of changes to outside factors.
  • Laser focus: Both client and vendor can remained focused on the project and building a lasting partnership, as pricing distractions are reduced.
  • Budgeting and paying: Clients are better able to budget the costs of each two-week sprint prior to the start date. As a result, he or she can ensure that they have the necessary funds available to fulfill their end of the agreement.


Established Scope

Establishing a project's scope occurs during the negotiations phase that occurs prior to each sprint. At this stage, NapkinBetaBeyond provides the buyer with a document that lists each feature and functionality that will be delivered at the end of the sprint. That document is based on the client's needs. Determining the scope of a sprint is often times an educational process for the client, as he or she must carefully consider and prioritize each feature with the help of NapkinBetaBeyond’s strategy consultants.




Sometimes, the client will revise their desired scope. They may consider new scenarios or use cases, or a new government regulation might be implemented, which requires a change in the pre-determined scope. Our two-week sprint model is equipped to handle changes in a project’s scope. We simply factor the new considerations into the subsequent sprints, pruning the goals that may no longer be necessary or viable.


$50K Ceiling

We believe that an entrepreneur who begins with nothing more than an idea can successfully go to market with a product in just a matter of months on a budget of $50,000 or less. Our $50K ceiling for startups includes many services that a startup would require to go from having no product on hand to owning a fully operational, custom software that is market-ready. Such services include consulting, social integration, and marketing, in addition to design and development.




Napkin ➤ βeta ➤ Beyond℠ 

We’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs go from Napkin ➤ βeta ➤ Beyond℠  in a matter of months on our $50K ceiling model. What does Beyond mean to our clients? It means being featured in the New York Times and Forbes. It means being acquired. It means securing millions of dollars in venture capital. It means reaching their full potential thanks to the peace of mind provided from our ceiling price model.



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